effortless live video for macOS

macOS beta v0.1 available now - public release in 2024

nottawa has been lovingly crafted to be usable by all

live video is super cool, it shouldn't be super hard.

familiar node based environment

click and drag to connect nodes. it's really as simple as it looks.

audio reactivity to see the sounds

drive any parameter with a signal from your audio. tap out a bpm for smooth simple pulsing.

self perpetuating feedback engine

mix a video stream with its past self. adjust the scale, position, and delay for wild effects.

fullscreen playback for live events

pop a window at any time. connect to a projector and you're ready to go.

effects for all occasions

a small sample of 25+ available effects

getting started with nottawa

nottawa is still in active development. a mac app store release is planned for 2024. if you're keen and are able to run unsigned apps, an early beta is available for download. expect bugs, crashes, and strange behavior. to run, expand the .zip, right click the .app, then click Open.

who made it?

nottawa was made by a developer named joe crozier.

Creator's Image

why'd he make it?

free software makes the world a better place.

where are the shaders from?

some are handwritten. some are taken from shadertoy. permission has been requested when author contact was available. If you see your work in nottawa and don't want it included, let joe know.